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2018-05-04 10:38  

Welcome Tianjian Wang (Senior Engineer) from Ocean University of China to be committee member!


Tianjian Wang, Senior Engineer
Deputy Dean of Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Ocean University of China, China
中国海洋大学 - 工程学院
Rsearch Area: Industrial design, Design management

Research Exprience: 
1. In the field of design, with user demand as the guidance, with art integration technology as the means to host home appliances design innovation projects nearly 100 items, for the enterprise to create a hundred billion yuan in economic efficiency, the design of the product won the International Grand Design Award (IF, Red dot), and apply for more than 30 patents.
2. In the field of design management, during the period of Haier's work, a complete industrial design management system was built according to Haier's enterprise development plan. Completed the design management mode of Haier, and formulated the PI standard for design management, which laid the foundation for enterprise design management.