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2018-05-07 16:06  

Welcome Qingli Zhang (Senior Engineer) from Ocean University of China to be committee member! 

Qingli Zhang (Senior Engineer)
Ocean University of China, China
College of Engineering
中国海洋大学 工程学院

Research Area: Marine mechatronics equipment, Advanced manufacturing technology

Research Exprience:

In recent years, I have done some research on advanced manufacturing technology and marine mechanical and electrical equipment. In the advanced manufacturing technology, some research has been carried out in the aspects of electromechanical integration, numerical control technology and laser processing. In terms of marine electrical and mechanical equipment, we mainly studied underwater robots, marine aquaculture machinery, marine environmental cleaning machinery and so on.
I have participated in 5 national level projects, and presided over 2 provincial-level research projects. More than 10 academic papers had been published, and five patents had been authorized.