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2018-05-07 18:05  

Welcome Prof. Shiying Yan from Qingdao University to be committee member!

Prof. Shiying Yan
Qingdao University, China
School of Physical Sciences
青岛大学 物理科学学院

Research Area: Atomic molecular design of materials, Drug design, Electrostatic spinning

Research Exprience:
Shiying Yan, male, Ph.D., professor, was born in November 1965, supervisor of postgraduate, distinguished professor of Qingdao university, in July 2005, received his bs in sichuan university, atomic and molecular physics doctorate, main research direction is the development of new materials and molecular structure theory, including the transition metal elements of spin polarization effect, boron hydrogen compounds and their molecular structure and properties of clusters, biological macromolecular structure and nature of the research, especially the computer auxiliary design of anti-cancer drugs, has with the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of medicine, Chen kx academician, researcher jiang joint training doctoral graduate student to recognize.A recent article was published in the international journal Frontiers in Pharmacology (part 2 of the Chinese academy of sciences).It is important to change the DNA in the base pairs. There is a relationship between AGO protein and cancer cell metastasis. We are investigating the above problems. Have been at home and abroad authoritative Journal "Journal of physics, the Chinese physics B, and the International Journal of Nanomedicine, (2) of Chinese academy of sciences," j. Phys. Chem. C (2) of Chinese academy of sciences, the RSC Advances (3) of Chinese academy of sciences magazine has published more than nearly 38, such as almost all of the papers by SCI International authoritative organizations,For many years, it has been a special reviewer of CHINESE physical and chemical authoritative journal physical journal, Chinese physics B and Chinese Physics Letters. Qingdao municipal science and technology project evaluation expert, many times review Qingdao science and technology project. The geometric configuration of B2H6 molecules and the structure and potential energy function of BH2 molecules won the first prize of shandong natural science innovation award in 2007.Presided over the national natural science foundation project (No.10647136), and presided over the project of science and technology project of shandong university of higher learning (J10LA02).For the first time in the world, there is a spin-polarization effect of transition element molecules.In 2009, he was invited to become a member of the American Chemical Society.