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2018-05-09 16:30  

Welcome A. Prof. Hua Yuan from Qingdao University to be committee member!

A.Prof. Hua Yuan
Director of the office of composite processing

Qingdao University, China
College of Materials Science and Engineering

青岛大学 材料科学与工程学院

Research Area: Carbon fiber surface modification, Micro-filtration membrane

Research Exprience:
2015-now  Current research work
             A. Carbon fiber electrode used in biological detection
             B. Fabrication of bio-functional microspheres
             C. Carbon fiber surface modification

2013-2015  Research in Postdoctor's period
             A. Preparation of hierarchical highly ordered porous films of brominated poly(phenylene oxide) and hydrophilic SiO2/C membrane via breath figure method.
             B. Preparation of highly permeable BPPO microfiltration membrane with binary porous structures.
             C. Polymer membranes for gas separation.
             D. Fabrication of bio-functional microspheres.

2008-2013   Research in Doctor's period
                    Advisor: Porf. Chengguo Wang
             A. Preparation and Tribological Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Pantograph Slide Plate.

             B. Antistatic behavior of PAN-based low-temperature carbonaceous fiber.
             C. Surface modification on carbon fiber and its reinforced phenolic matrix composite